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Subject:help editing a wav file
Posted by: jayspaceman
Date:3/18/2002 3:48:56 PM

I recorded a webcast today using sound forge, and i would now like to remove the silences in the wav file that were created by buffering. i am playing around with the auto trim/crop feature, but i'm getting a bit confused. has anyone done this before, and if so, could you tell me how? thanks!

Subject:RE: help editing a wav file
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:3/18/2002 3:58:11 PM

You can use the up and down arrows to zoom in/out on the timeline to get as close a view as you want for accuracy. It will probably help to click the mouse in the middle of the gap first, then zoom in. Once you have the gap zoomed in to fill the screen, click as close to the begining of the of the gap. You can use the left & right arrow keys to move the cursor forward and back if necessary. Type the M key to drop a marker. Repeat this same procedure for the end of the gap and drop a marker there. Double-click in the space between the markers to highlight that section and press the Delete key to delete it. If your recording is long this could take a while. Listen to this section to see if the result came out well enough. You can undo and redo as many times as necessary. You can zoom all the way in and use the mouse to drag the pink tab at the top of the marker around by thousandths of a second. Once you're satisfied with the edit, right-mouse-click on the pink marker tabs to delete them and move on to the next gap.

Subject:RE: help editing a wav file
Reply by: jgalt
Date:3/19/2002 5:25:42 PM

You might want to stop by and take a look at Total Recorder. If you record through that it doesn't record the silence caused by buffering.

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