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Posted by: fred07
Date:7/26/2016 7:44:19 AM

It is possible to make read an audio file infinitely with the function "edit sample" (Sustaining, Infinity loop).
I would want to use Ableton Live 9 for pilot Sound Forge. To make it read as long as the duration of a MIDI note a sample. The problem is that it does not work.
My question is the following one: the loop or sustaining functions works only in this case: the SONY ACID software sends a MIDI note to Sound Forge.
Thank you for your answer.

Subject:RE: sustaining
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:7/27/2016 10:15:11 AM

Do you have access to the MIDI file? Can't you re-write the "Duration" . . . or does this not apply to your question . . . .pardon me if that's the case.

Subject:RE: sustaining
Reply by: musicvid10
Date:7/27/2016 6:36:02 PM

Sound Forge doesn't accept GM, nor does it have a synth engine. It's an audio editor.
You can use it to create loops for Acid though.

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Subject:RE: sustaining
Reply by: fred07
Date:7/28/2016 12:51:25 AM

I try to explain what I'm doing.
I created a MIDI file in Ableton Live. The file includes only MIDI notes . Among notes , there is which are long. Then, I send to Sound Forge MIDI messages. The file contains only a single MIDI note . To this MIDI note , I made an audio file correspond. I would want that the audio file is read several times at once when the long MIDI note is sent by Ableton Live. That's it the problem.
Nevertheless, I used the option "sustaining" on Sound Forge. Can we solve this problem?
Thank you.

Subject:RE: sustaining
Reply by: musicvid10
Date:7/28/2016 5:11:46 AM

Rraud, jump in here and help me if I'm wrong.

Sound Forge does not accept General Midi notes, nor does it have a synth engine. It is an audio editor.
In some versions there was a menu item reserved for future use, I kind of recall.
The midi signals sound forge accepts are for control surface and sync. Those are not the same.

You could probably configure your Ableton to control the navigation and transport in Sound Forge, but not play it like a synth. Audio samples are not instruments or loops.

That said, good luck with your experiments.
You may want to wait and see what Magic comes up with.

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Subject:RE: sustaining
Reply by: rraud
Date:7/28/2016 9:28:15 AM

MIDI has never been my area of expertise. AFAIK SF does not do MIDI in the usual sense, aside from triggering other MIDI devices from the timeline (makers, regions, ect.) PCM or other audio sample files for lopping could be edited in SF though. Maybe someone else here can elaborate on SF's limited MIDI capabilities.
Acid on the other hand has MIDI capability.

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