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Posted by: Layerry
Date:5/25/2016 11:00:21 PM

I just read that Magix is taking over Sony creative suite products. I've been with this product since it was developed by Divide Frame and use SLP version 2 every day for my forensic work. I hope the new owners realize what a unique and amazing software they have here. I watched Ensoniq go down the tubes when it was bought by Creative Labs. Sure do hope SLP will keep developing.

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: Dexcon
Date:5/26/2016 7:26:40 AM

I also had that concern over on one the Video posts re Magix. Divideframe quickly responded:

Subject: RE: Bye Sony, Hi Magix !
Reply by: divideframe
Date: 5/25/2016 11:31:09 PM

SpectraLayers is going to Magix as well. I guess it's not on the press release since it's still owned by Divide Frame.

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: divideframe
Date:5/26/2016 1:08:38 PM

Divide Frame will still be developing SpectraLayers, so nothing change on this side :)
I'm trying to read and reply as much as possible. Feel free to ask any question, provide feedback or even suggest features.

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: Downunder
Date:6/1/2016 3:40:58 AM

Hey Divide Frame
So when is version 4 going to be released re that video that was shown and talked about earlier this year?

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: Dexcon
Date:6/3/2016 6:55:43 AM


Thank you for the invitation to post suggestions for SpectraLayers. I use SL3 quite a lot and have a few suggestions:

1. Under Options/Preferences, could there please be the option of selecting a format (i.e. 16/24/32 bit) when exporting to avid the need of having the Format dialogue box pop up each and every time I export. The current process is fine for those who want to need to make the choice of format on each export, but I always export at 24 bits, so having to choose each time is, in my case, annoying.

2. I'd love to see presetting available. One of the most common actions I make in SL3 is to get rid of clicks and clunks vis cloning. Usually, I have the settings at something like: width = 0.05; height = 25,000+; hardness = 100%. But because SL doesn't reopen with the previous settings, I have to redo the settings each time. I know that the current settings remain when importing a new clip, but I mostly access SL via Sound Forge (Tools), so SL must be closed before SF will link through to SL. Being able to preset favourite settings would make life so much easier.

3. Process/Amplitude/Levels - When cloning background ambience to get rid of wind noise, there can sometimes be a step up or down in levels. While the current levels options are often helpful to overcome this, a desirable enhancement to improve control over levels would be to enable a choice of level (+/-) at each corner of the selection when using the Rectangular/Time Range/Frequency Range selections. For example, with a rectangle selection, top L is set to 0 dB, top R is set to +3 db,, bottom R is set to + 1 db; and bottom L is set to - 1 db.

4. With 5.1 clips - and I am very grateful that SL handles 5.1 - I'd really like to see the ability to increase/decrease the track size of each track (like track size can be adjusted in Vegas Pro). At present, each track takes up one-sixth of the window space, and that's inadequate for 'forensic' editing, even with the current ability to zoom in on the tracks.

Thanks for a great product. Hoping that you will take my suggestions into consideration.


Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:6/4/2016 4:52:40 PM

First, thanks Robin for keeping us informed re Magix; that is great news as far as I am concerned! I sincerely hope it is good news for you too!

Conrad, those are all excellent suggestions :-)

~ Christo

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: divideframe
Date:6/5/2016 1:17:22 PM

Downunder: This has yet to be decided with Magix. I'd say Q3 but I'm just guesstimating here :)

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: divideframe
Date:6/5/2016 1:22:40 PM

1 & 2: definitely !
3: I see what you mean. I'll think about possible improvements.
4: NB: You have the solo/mute controls for each channel in the Channels panel. When I work with more than 2 channels (or even in some case with 2 channels) I usually mute or solo a couple of thoses to only have the one I really want to work on full screen. Is there anything that doesn't work for you with this workflow ?

Thanks for the suggestions :)

Subject:RE: Magix
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:7/23/2016 6:56:02 AM

Worth going to DivideFrame website and checking out their short Tutorials ( esp. the one removing Police SIren ).

DivideFrame - Tutorials...can you arrange for a VoiceOver, Would make it so much easier to follow.
Text entry is really far too small. I notice it's difficult to see the icons in the Tool-picker on the Left . .. is there a reason this can't be an enlarged frame which can be "Docked" ( ie goes small )...?
Whatever happened to the use of Function Keys? - they used to be Shortcuts - but now almost never used. ( Below: Fx Fy represent different Keys).

e.g press Fx - Tools enlarge....with a description against each Option, including what Mode I'm in already - use Mouse, I make my choice . . . . press Fx and Tools jump back to small.

Whenever we use software we need to see the "Whole Picture" from time-to-time ( like a "Home position?") - but when we are working we need a close-up . . . . having the ability to Zoom in-between is not the same as having user-defined levels which makes returning almost instantaneous. Maybe Fy enlarges 2x say then press Fz and it returns to the whole picture . . . pressing Fy returns to the same place it was before - so the position and magnification are movable-presets, excepting Fz returns to the "Whole picture" ( Note to allow for user screen-differences ) - this value is set in Preferences.[ e.g. Scale and Origin. ]

When using SL for the first few times a HELP screen would make sure we know the FAQ's.

SL in the Movie-making mode, is removing stuff we didn't have any control over . . . so I wonder that having "Hints" as to how these are best achieved would be a good idea? . . . Sirens are particularly annoying as our "ears Latch-on" - Does the same procedure apply to a Bell, if one is passing a clock-chiming ?

For forensic and other industries, maybe you need Template / Preset Options, so a nifty routine could be used by others to great effect.

Has anyone researched "Wind-noise" - I suspect it's mainly a function of the microphone itself and the way the wind moves over each diaphragm . . . . although we all recognise it . . . Is it subtly different, I wonder?
If this could be identified - it would make a marvellous set of Presets
( IF that is how the removal would be classed?)

Room-Echo is another issue, as I'm sure you know; - where the acoustics mar the voice/music by a constant amount . . . . would a solo "Clap" be sufficient to create a "time-domain WITH frequency response" which could apply to a whole file,
I wonder? . . .
Sadly I don't have enough knowledge of the difficulty involved FWIW I suspect you need two "Claps" - one to represent the LF and one to record frequencles nearer to 1kHz, where the ear is particularly sensitive..... maybe SL users need a "Clicker" as well as a clapper-board.

Nice to know you are still developing the product.

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