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Subject:Is SoundForge still being developed?
Posted by: Penguin DT
Date:7/3/2016 3:07:36 AM

I'm just checking if the development of Sound Forge continues or is it left as-is?

I'm asking this because the issues it bombards me with are a getting to be a serious hindrance to my productivity and I'm starting to wonder if I should look for alternatives instead of waiting things to get fixed. Right now I've actually incorporated both destroying that pesky registry key ( ) and clearing temp folder to my workflow, which is quite telling. While those actions keep the software more-or-less operational, it's only a matter of time when it starts doing this:

And yes, I've tried re-installing SoundForge. Three times, in fact. Considering the activation limitations, I'm not too fond of doing it yet again, rendering it useless.

So, can we expect an update addressing these issues, or should I consider Sound Forge 11 as a colossal write-off and start looking into alternatives? I really wouldn't want to, because when SF11 works, it's perfect. Sadly, emphasis right now is on 'when'.

My current system: Windows 8.1, RealTek HD Audio sound card with latest drivers. SoundForge is the latest (11 Build 299).

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: gret127
Date:7/9/2016 12:11:10 PM

MAGIX recently sent an email introduction and survey to registered users of Sound Forge.
When you receive yours; I would encourage you to complete the survey so that MAGIX can correctly gauge the level of interest in continuing to develop and support Sound Forge.

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:7/13/2016 7:47:40 AM

I use the "Studio" version - so I'm probably out of the loop as far as New Development is concerned.
Where I have issues is that SFS appear to work only two tracks at once - I have to use Movie Studio if / when I need more . . . odd that an Audio program is less than a Video program..?
Also I often have Audio-only files ( making a listening file, usually mp3 ). And the main task is volume-levels . . . since in some circumstances you need a level-output and to supress ( ie quieten) irrelevant external noises.
I find the constant menu, mouse-movement, slider-action very time-consuming and a credit to a First-development interface.
Where are the easy-ways for doing repetitive tasks?
Whilst what I want to do is a bit specialised, I can't find any audio software that achieves what I need - so I'm hand-operating SFS taking a longer time to achieve what would be done in Analogue in real-time.

Should Magix want to discuss a new way of working, I'm available ( Usual fees), but I suspect Magix already has enough Audio-processing software - and SFS will either become binned, or continue As-Is ...bundled with the more extensive software package, that SMS offers . . . that's how I got SFS v10.

What I would suggest is that for specialist uses, a simple front-end panel is overlaid which contains additional features - thus "Overlay No1" would be an additional purchase and would be developed as Users discovered its merits, whilst leaving SFS ( or SF Pro) as they are . . . perhaps SF Pro would include "Overlay No 1, and 2" to get the system going.,

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: rraud
Date:7/13/2016 8:52:34 AM

SF is an editor not a multi-track program, (though SF pro can handle 5:1, 7:1, ect. (multi-channel). Get familiar with all the combiation mouse/key commands, for instance, holding the Ctrl key increases the resolution factor for precise settings, ether w/ the mouse wheel or slider/fader.
For is a repetitive tasks, there is a 'Repeat' command in the Edit menu (Ctrl+Y), or you can assign your own keyboard shortcut (Options> Customize keyboard) for that and most of the other menu items, as well as the toolbar icons. (View> Toolbars> Customize.
The GUI ain't perfect, but that's usually the case with every applications.
I've been a SF user since ver 3.

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: FixitMad0
Date:7/18/2016 1:03:48 PM


Do you know when the survey went out? I looked again this past weekend and still have not received any such survey from MAGIX. I double-checked and my registered software is showing my Sound Forge's so I'm wondering if they are doing this survey in "stages" or they are complete already? Was there "respond by date" in the survey you got?


Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: gret127
Date:7/22/2016 12:53:31 PM


I don't recall exactly; but I believe I received the email survey the first week of July and it was valid through the end of the month.

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: FixitMad0
Date:7/22/2016 3:00:59 PM


Thanks. I double-checked and still nothing. I really hope they send them out again so I can respond. I would love to see some improvements to SF and also bringing back some of the menu's that were available under SF 9.

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: scott2eh
Date:7/23/2016 3:54:42 PM

I just checked too and nothing. I got 2 emails from Sony telling me about the sale (and sale of their database) but no survey.

Honestly all I want is the Apply button back in the Chainer window so I can apply volume envelopes without saving every little clip I create while editing music.

Right now I have to use V10 for music editing and put up with a lot of bugs (mostly markers doing weird things) and then use V11 for mastering.

Oh and every month or so I have to go delete something from the registry because when I start the program it says it needs elevated privileges. That happened just before a client showed up last week and wow was that a bad time! Luckily when I ran Regedit it was still sitting in the same place in the registry from the last time I had to fix it!

It's SO CLOSE!!! A few minor fixes and I think most people would be happy!

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: rraud
Date:7/24/2016 10:06:06 AM

I agree, SCS should not have changed (i.e., f__ked up) the plug-in chainer.
However, if you go to "Favorites", and select "Apply plug-in chain", prior to opening or making a chain, it operates somewhat like SF 9 &10 without having to save the file to apply it.
The SF project file is another option, but if there's a lot of edits and saves, the amount of files that build up, can get overwhelming.

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: Penguin DT
Date:7/26/2016 11:42:18 AM

Nope, never received any surveys. Sadly :(

Subject:RE: Is SoundForge still being developed?
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:7/27/2016 10:34:24 AM

[headline]Survey and Special Offer - finishes 30July 2016 - received 26 by email . . . but only opened today.[/headline].

The v.few folks that "follow me".... will see I've forgotten how to perform this Mark-Up already!

Clearly, some SF Users have longer to consider the Magix Offer.

The offer appears to be some other Audio software - but the Survey didn't come over, I guess I have to visit a Website to do this task which they claim will take me 5-minutes to complete.

Why would I want to change?

Well, for a start the interface could be speeded-up . . . . just juggling levels takes for-ever . . . . moving the mouse, selecting audio ( and trying to stop it falling to one track ). . . then selecting Menu.. then the Effect, then the level which involves more mouse adjustment . . . no Auto preview - That's another mouse movement... then OK and I move to the next waveform fix . . . . . Arrgh!

Using the Draw-tool is even more complicated as it is too easy to make the distortion worse. The tiny buttons for Enlarge and Small are really messy, IMHO.

I have to admit I don't understand "Normalising" - it appears ( from Help) to be in two versions...
1) acts as a level reducer
2) Acts as a level reducer to some arbitrary level. . . .
So, I don't really understand the subtle difference and this is NOT what I want. I want to be able to identify regular ( but not consistent ) events that are above ehat I consider to be "Average" - these I wan to lower . . . not by a fixed amount ( THAT would be too easy ) - Rather I want them to be reduced by Fading-up + Reducing. The effect is to make these interruptions less annoying.

IDEALLY the selected areas would have become "makers" on a separate track ( like commands in a (dot)vf file used in Video-Editing . . . . so I can later change the balance across the whole piece - WITHOUT having to revisit every single occurrence.

What I appear to have in SFS . . . is something that is Digital - but worse than a volume-Knob fitted to the tape-recorder.

Message last edited on7/27/2016 10:36:46 AM byUKharrie.

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