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Subject:Recorded takes vanishing when I hit stop
Posted by: spinweb
Date:5/12/2016 11:57:57 AM

I'm on Acid Pro 6d and Windows 7. I'm using Saffire Pro.

I'm able to record fine. The wav is registering my notes and all, but the second I hit the stop button everything vanishes! Bizarre. I found something about Kapersky doing this.

I have Microsoft Security Essentials, which I turned off real time scanning on and still my tracks are vanishing.

Any typical culprits for something like this? I use Reaper on the same machine with no such problem.


Subject:RE: Recorded takes vanishing when I hit stop
Reply by: spinweb
Date:5/12/2016 8:15:09 PM

Guess it was my system. I closed everything and did a hard boot and after Windows did like 68 updates, when it was all done things were working as usual. My play head was back, and recording takes works. This has never happened to me before with ACID.

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