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Subject:ACID 7, ZOOM R16 and Windows 7 64Bit
Posted by: kawaii
Date:5/7/2016 12:50:50 PM

Has anyone got this working with Sony ACID Pro version 7.0e?

I have managed to get the audio driver to install but as far as using the unit as an audio surface controller, when I set the unit up in the 'External Controller and Automation' section, it crashes ACID and any and all USB devices that are connected to the system.

I have Sony Vegas version 9.0e and the transport / fades from the R16 work fine.

Is this another of those "ACID is 32bit therefore you are screwed" types of things? Vegas, of course, is 64bit.

Subject:RE: ACID 7, ZOOM R16 and Windows 7 64Bit
Reply by: kawaii
Date:5/7/2016 1:46:13 PM

FYI, just bought Reaper v5 (which is 64bit) and the ZOOM R16 works seamlessly.

EDIT: Well done Sony!

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