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Subject:SpectraLayers Pro 3 Build 28 released
Posted by: Dexcon
Date:11/25/2015 4:57:18 AM

Though not on a sticky, SL3 build 28 update was released a few days ago. FYI.

Subject:RE: SpectraLayers Pro 3 Build 28 released
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:11/25/2015 9:30:23 AM

Thanks! :-)

Subject:RE: SpectraLayers Pro 3 Build 28 released
Reply by: Cielspacing
Date:12/21/2015 6:16:30 PM

I simply do not understand SCS marketing team!

Build 28 has been released and it comes with several flow enhancements (precisely one of the key aspects everyone -and competitors- agree it must develop).
It even have some extra features...
And SCS does not even publish it!

If they were really developing some marketing strategy for Spectralayers, they could have released build 28 as SL Pro 4, and why not size the opportunity to start building the battered SL loyalty of its rather small customer base, by not charging for this upgrade?(which is actually what they have done)

What is the cost of doing that? some design, graphics, a few marketing texts, possibly a tutorial and not much else -assuming SCS actually has a few marketing people working for SL-, or alternatively ask a few hours from the Vegas marketing dept.

This silent upgrade release just does not make sense to me.

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Subject:RE: SpectraLayers Pro 3 Build 28 released
Reply by: Cielspacing
Date:1/24/2016 9:19:03 PM

Apparently SCS has listened to the above post and changed names from build 28 into Spectralayers Pro 4 (according to NAMM press release)
I really hope they did read the complete post, since what it says is in the benefit of us all: Sony Creative Software will benefit from making direct actions in order to gather customer base. And also we as users, we will greatly benefit if we get to build a thriving conversation here, with user comments and ideas.
This Softool is indeed deep, depending on building usage experiences and examples. The same way preset building has nowadays been fully acknowledged and valued by users, vendors and developers.Particularly in cases like this, a software with a steep learning curve and with a newly open field of utilization alternatives and varying results depending on setting conditions...
What this very same forum would be if we had, say 20 or more forum users like UKharrie or Sneddy?
And such won't happen if SCS insists on anti-loyalty hefty charging schemes for upgrades, as it has been doing yearly (once took even less than a yearly cycle) since SL launch.
I understand that many corporate, forensic and agencies SL users will not choose to disclose their usage tricks and discoveries in this forum (but they would benefit from reading those put up by others). If that is the case, SCS is missing targets, since the big numbers are in the rising multitude of home studios, turned mastering and post pro0duction studios since the advent of powerful and inexpensive tools a few years already. If that is the case, then we are missing the plot here, and SCS should transform SL in a sort of Celemony's Capstan or CEDAR products by charging several thousands, but SONY don't seem to have that comparable level of performance in SL,
///At any case, SCS seems to be losing what they could have already achieved; a lively loyal customer community attracting increasingly number of customers each year, who would be assisting SCS in the actual development of this tool. SONY needs to learn from the successful case of Ableton's beta community example, or some others easy to spot (have a look at successful Kvraudio companies forums), let alone that company located at Redmont.
Hoping the best for us here.

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Subject:RE: SpectraLayers Pro 3 Build 28 released
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:3/28/2016 8:05:17 AM

Thanks for yr kind words and the Mention. I don't have a 64-bit PC so cannot buy SL although I can probably make use of its properties - to the extent I now don't "Delete" bad audio (( Er, I mean "imperfect")) . . . in the hope that soon I can fix it. Presently I use AAudition which has a brilliant 4-part Tutorial ( their Presenter deserves a Medal.) . . . and in common with many long-tooth software it's rather difficult to get yr head round without Tutorial help.
( I have to favour//borrow a laptop, which is mildly inconvenient . . . ).
The lack of comments on this Forum, says a lot, but if SCS has provided a free-update ( =UpGrade?) then that is very good PR and likely to be seen as pushing the quality of Sony software. Marketing Depts are very curious Folk and it may be they don't want to raise a New Release for free ( as this might suggest the earlier version had problems )....we should be grateful that Suggestions Here are acted upon . . .although it would be nice indeed to have some Feedback from the Software Team . . . so our Comments might be aimed at what hey are ABLE to do with the limited time at their disposal.

Let's not forget that SL / Audition are very strange pieces of Software - in that they defy Human instinct - much like Additive Printing can create a solid object from ( almost) nothing . . . . whereas our brains have developed to "Remove" stuff - OR- to add things by building on top of prior work.
So I'm suggesting that the Software Developers may have difficulty in fully understanding what they create - and its effect in the Real World.

Just look at the Gismos Mfrs provide on Camcorders that "We" don't want . . . while leaving-off things that really matter. One thing that bugs most Purcharers is the inability to feel smug about a prior purchase.
e.g. - If I buy a lens filter I expect it to fit the next camera and not to have a strange wonky thread that means I have to ditch prior-purchases. I bought a Sony camcorder because it has a wired remote ( Although an rf version would be better ) - but new camcorders don't mention the Remote fitting ( as I read it), so my prior-purchase is null-and-void . . . this gives the Buyer the opportunity to become Disloyal . . . the small saving of some Kit, ( and I include Batteries ), will influence purchasers . . . but Marketing Depts are populated by strange folks - that have no feelings for the long-term Buyer . . . they treat each new Product-Launch as having the whole World to gather-in... Whereas in reality, it's a v.small pond and I recall I bought Brand-xxx SLR, because they didn't keep changing their lens-mount - That is loyalty to Customers . . . . and it's very difficult to achieve.

So. I conclude the free "upgdate" could be the start of better relationship with SL - Users . . . . . Jolly Good Fayre.

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