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Subject:Exporting 48k
Posted by: erichzann
Date:3/23/2016 7:27:50 PM

I have a file that is sampled at 48000. I processed it and want to export it and keep it at 48000. I only see an a WAV file option and it exports at 44100. What do I change to export at 48000?

Thanks very much in advance

Subject:RE: Exporting 48k
Reply by: divideframe
Date:3/28/2016 4:24:11 AM

When you export a wav file, the sampling rate will be the one from the project.
If you open a wav file at 48kHz (through File/Open) your project samplerate will be 48kHz. You can make sure of that by seeing the project samplerate in the bottom part of the screen.
Then when exporting, it will keep that same samplerate.

I wonder if you first created a project at 44.1kHz, then imported a 48kHz file into it (thus resampling it to 44.1kHz). If so, exporting to 44.1kHz would be the expected result.

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