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Subject:Trim a Track Beat Ruler Quesiton
Posted by: SoundActuator
Date:3/14/2016 3:12:07 AM

Ok, so I'm new to Acid Music Studio but have used other video/audio editing programs before. However,I am attempting to dive right into making my own tracks, and while it goes well so far, I'm stuck on how to properly trim the tracks where the beat ruler is concerned.

So when I play on my Yamaha I can get it to properly record and everything works well but if my track is larger than a certain portion of the beat ruler I get dead air at the end or cut off a portion of the track, which doesn't work for looping. I'm used to being able to just drag a timeline bar to a part of a song and cutting right there without restrictions but I feel more confined due to the beat ruler restricting my movement to a chunk of time. I must be missing something here. Is anyone able to elaborate and help me?

Alright, after playing around and finding more tutorials on the beat ruler I found my solution. So in order to be able to edit or adjust sections of audio easily you need to turn off the 'snapping' feature which keeps you forced into the beat ruler's columns. You can do this through Options and just turn it off there, which I did, or by holding the Shift key in order to edit a certain section of audio if you need the beat ruler still active. Trimming is now what I need and so much easier. Hope this helps someone.

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