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Subject:Sony SpectraLayers Pro 4 - NAMM 2016
Posted by: T Reynolds
Date:1/25/2016 7:28:04 PM

Found this on youtube

Release Date 17th Feb

Subject:RE: Sony SpectraLayers Pro 4 - NAMM 2016
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:2/9/2016 6:52:10 PM

Wasn't impressed by that man - nothing actually useful that made me put some cash away for the expected Release.
First Q. What's new that's Useful? . . .as it is, a friend has the Adobe Suite and for two beers he'll clip out bad noises and return the (dot)WAV file.... or let me do it on his laptop . . . I ran through the 4/6 Tuts on-line and was greatly impressed - but that Suite's a subscription of US Equiv= $50-per month. Ouch!
Most audio files are only wrecked by a few bursts - after all, we DO TRY to get a decent recording in the first place - don't we?
In the Demo (YT) he showed cutting out a section and sending it back ( with the hole!) . . . surely SFS will do that? Also, I can do similar in SMS - by using the VOL line set to max attenuation -
Vague wasn't the word for the way he avoided saying exactly how much all this was costing. He got pretty excited about burning CD's - perhaps he was from the CD Factory?

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Subject:RE: Sony SpectraLayers Pro 4 - NAMM 2016
Reply by: Cielspacing
Date:2/13/2016 3:37:36 PM

the information was actually first published here, at this website's About us/Press releases section:
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UKharrie about "we DO TRY to get a decent recording in the first place". Yes, we do, i believe so too. Sometimes the weather or other conditions get in the middle.

The trend to ease/facilitate usage flow either for the common user and also for the profesional ones, is an important one. Leading it, iZotope's latest Spectral RX release; version 5, was very much centered on this trend.

Regarding Pricing, -either way they make it- a softool with such deep customization and per case potential adaptations, will definitely benefit from presets disponibility and from a vivid community of customers, fórums and beta testers.
A requirement to build this, is -of course- loyalty. That is also why iZotope allowed what they called a "loyalty upgrade" for their latest big reléase OZone 7 advanced, in which for a couple of hundreds, loyal users were able to get the Advanced versión (US$700) + three plugins (Néctar 2 included), if you already owned two plugins from them...
And they are not alone, Celemony have just released their latest,upgrade versión of the greatest industry standad per note correction software; Melodyne 4. Allowing -again- loyal customers to get the Advanced versión (US$700), if they previously had the regular editor, in this case for just $149. And frame this number in time; this happened almost three years after the last charged upgrade!! Plus add the no small feat that versión 4 upgrade, brings out a tremendous gain of new features, comparable to a completely new Spectralayers or else BIG size spectral tool, on top of what it was pre-version4, bringing in completely novel, -to this point elsewhere unseen- capacities.

So yes, the whole industry is moving towards greener pastures for customers and developers both.
If SCS insist in behaving with yesterday's-proven-but-today-overcomed pricing/marketing schemes...they are going to get increasingly alone. Like what happenned with the expensive upgrade to versión 2, (not a whole year past after launch) and then charging high again!! for versión 3 upgrade, twelve months later.

If SCS continue that route, it would be a pity, because they had manage to gather great people and tools since the early days, which benefit us all.

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