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Subject:Sound Forge Pro 2.5 question on Extracting music
Posted by: FLSharkvictim
Date:9/7/2015 3:55:28 PM

I am a dj and I need to find out where you can extract music off a cd from the Sound forge pro 2.5. Mac version... I had the version Sound forge audio studio 10 for my PC and you could just go to the file icon in the program and then when it dropped down you would see EXTRACT music from a cd but I con't find it for the life of me in the Pro 2.5 version for MACS. I would imagine its under something else but i went through the entire manual and did a few Youtube videos and still could not locate the option to extract music off a cd. This is very important to me b/c I record from my mixer into my burner and then extract the music into Soundforge and do my edits and so forth. If you can find and know where the Extract music from a cd icon or location is please hit me up.. You can reach me at

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Subject:RE: Sound Forge Pro 2.5 question on Extracting music
Reply by: Featherlight
Date:2/3/2016 1:33:41 PM

It's a little different than on the PC version:

Insert a CD to your drive
Quite iTunes that will start automatically
Make sure you have the 'Media Browser" open/showing in one of your edit panes
Click on the search bar to expose your computer's file structure
Click the little arrow next to your CD to expose the Contents
Click and drag the song into the edit window

If the want the complete CD, select all tracks first
Important Note: Save each track to your intended directory FIRST for smooth playback
SF MAC will only preview each track for confirmation but will not playback skip free until the file is actually saved/ripped to YOUR computer first. SF MAC will also not allow you to eject the CD until this is done as well.

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