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Subject:soundforge pro 10
Posted by: limbophonic
Date:2/3/2016 12:19:54 PM

I have soundforge pro 10, is it 32 bit or 64 bit?
if 64 bit will 32 bit third pary vst work?

thanks for advise

Subject:RE: soundforge pro 10
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:2/3/2016 2:25:31 PM

all 32bit; works fine in 64bit environment with 32b VSTs

Subject:RE: soundforge pro 10
Reply by: mosspa1
Date:5/24/2016 5:33:38 PM

It's not 64-bit, which is a real shame. Not only can you not use 64-bit VSTs, you can't use VST3s. I've been a loyal Sound Forge Pro user for about as long as there has been a Sound Forge (dating back well into the Sonic Foundry years, to version 2), but because of Sound Forge Pro 11's incompatibility with most modern VSTs, I've begun to use Steinberg's WaveLab 8 LE. Yes, WaveLab LE lacks a lot of the great features in Sound Forge, but it runs seamlessly in my two latest studio computer builds that I've decided to restrict to 64-bit audio applications. I really hope Sony fixes this for Version 12. It really is the only notable flaw in the current application.

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