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Subject:NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Posted by: Featherlight
Date:11/20/2015 7:02:01 PM

As it seems that most of the forums post are complaints...
We thought we would post back with an update of the new 2.5.1 ( Build 164 ) on our production machines here at the studio. These get worked pretty hard under demanding, deadline oriented conditions. Its worth noting that these machines are still using Mavericks as this is the most stable for all the other audio apps and work we currently do.

This update seems to have a great deal of improvement under the hood! The overall operation of the application is FAR more snappy and the file load times are reduced significantly compared to the previous 2.5.0 build which was almost becoming impractical under deadline conditions.

Effects loading times seems to have been cut into a 1/4 of the time restoring this version to almost familiar PC like response which is music to our ears! The bigger programs like Izotope's Ozone 7 still take a bit of time because of the massive size of the app itself, but nowhere near the time it used to take. The regular hard coded Sony effects now load with a snappiness that makes a deadline based workflow a reality again. There are, and always will be a few gripes like the last "Save As" state not being consistently remembered and a few others.

Overall a huge improvement and our hats off to Peter and the good folks at Sony for continuing to make this a legitimate production tool for those of us that depend on it.

Steven Hartwell
Chief Engineer / Featherlight Recording

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Subject:RE: NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Reply by: cybercom
Date:12/11/2015 8:59:32 PM

Was hoping that there would be improvements, but no such luck.
Still no shuttle
Still does not drop markers when recording
Still no carryover of markers when copying and pasting from one file to another.
Still no ^Y or F4 - repeat last command
Still no other changes in any of the missing and damaged functions from previous version.

Glad to hear that featherlight is happy with the snappy.

Still no love here at all.

Subject:RE: NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Reply by: Sonicorchestra
Date:1/6/2016 5:47:29 AM


There have been improvement seen on my end as well.Though i do not think that SF is out of the woods as of yet. I have Triumph, by Audiiofile Engineering, another two track editor i use performing better than SF for mac ever has, and it does it for $79.

That being said, I am beginning to tentatively use SF more often but i do have a concern that the Sony money people decide that next update to SF with all the necessary fixes will be a paid update . This would not reflect well for Sony's current SF offering and I would very seriously consider abandoning Soundforge all together if that were the case. This would be unfortunate as in general i do like the workflow of SF.


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Subject:RE: NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Reply by: BryanF
Date:1/28/2016 9:42:06 PM

I have to say the Mac version of Sound Forge just doesn't have the fast flow of the PC version. A direct port from PC would have been fine, but the rewrite doesn't feel like an equal to the PC version. OK, there's some bugs and a lot of features missing, but the core app doesn't have the same solid feel. I don't think newer Mac versions will improve on this.

Subject:RE: NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Reply by: LongTimeUser
Date:1/31/2016 4:29:02 PM

I agree with Featherlight. The new version ( is faster and more stable. The Sound Forge/Mac upgrades are going strongly in the right direction, a credit to the Sony team.

Subject:RE: NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Reply by: jbdada
Date:2/2/2016 2:15:11 PM

SF for Mac is an embarrassing pile of doodoo and Sony and whoever is left in Madison from the old days should hide their heads in shame for taking our money. I've used SF since version 4 but will never buy another product from them.

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Subject:RE: NEW 2.5.1 UPDATE
Reply by: Featherlight
Date:2/3/2016 1:47:37 PM

Yep, it's got some growing pains for sure but,
If you want to help it get better, then post specific problems your having and maybe help will chime in.

Peter and the folks here are pretty helpful. Posting an actual support ticket for repeatable bugs helps all of us that use this in a real world production environment. Also, keep in mind, as its states in the advert, this program is not a port over from the PC version, its a completely new version for Mac written from scratch.

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