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Subject:Any more Acid Pro Updates
Posted by: djwes
Date:1/25/2016 10:37:20 PM

Does Sony plan to release any more Acid Pro updates, like Pro 8.0?

Subject:RE: Any more Acid Pro Updates
Reply by: mike_in_ky
Date:1/26/2016 2:55:46 PM

Based on the posts about this subject for the past 3 or 4 years, it seems to be highly unlikely there will be any update to Acid Pro in the future. WE can only hope Sony continues to upgrade (including to 64-bit) Acid Music Studio.

Subject:RE: Any more Acid Pro Updates
Reply by: jwcarney
Date:1/26/2016 5:45:44 PM

Pretty much EOL, but they still run sales trying to ring out a few more dollars. Many of us have moved on to other tools, some free or low cost. Lots of loop based audio tools out there. Acid Pro would have to go through a radical change to be competitive in today's market. Sony has been moving away from Acid/Vegas Pro toolset for sometime. I'm doing the same. Not trying to upset anyone, just stating what has become obvious to everyone.

Subject:RE: Any more Acid Pro Updates
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:1/27/2016 1:37:24 PM

Agree with other in here. SMS is clearly moving away from Vegas now and moved away from Acid over 5 years ago - throwbacks to an earlier time now.

That said - AP7 still does what it always did and works fine in Windows 7/10

I have little use for loops in this capacity anymore since I moved all my works to Studio One...but I still fire it up now and then :)

Nothing lasts forever :)


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