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Subject:Vegas Movie Studio 10 - Timeline issue
Posted by: Asset-22
Date:11/15/2015 10:03:16 PM

How do you delete or shorten the timeline to match the length of your edited movie?

What happened:
I accidently transferred all my footage at once onto the timeline (Around 3hrs of footage). After I removed the footage the timeline had remained large. I didn't notice the timeline was so long up until I had completed my editing and began to render. The render took almost 10hrs to complete, by that time my movie had rendered fine but I had around 3 hrs of black screen that followed the finished product.

How do I go about removing or shortening the timeline to match the length of the video?

Subject:RE: Vegas Movie Studio 10 - Timeline issue
Reply by: vkmast
Date:11/27/2015 5:10:35 AM

Online Help (F1):
Horizontal Scroll Bar
Drag the scroll box to pan the view of the project left or right. The ends of the scroll bar also function as zoom controls. You can zoom the project in and out by dragging the edges of the scroll box.
Double-clicking the horizontal scroll bar will zoom the project out so that the entire length of the project will be displayed.

If you then see something extra in the end, delete it.

You could also select loop region that is the size of your edited project. That leaves out the empty space and the unwanted remains, if you choose to "render loop region only."

Btw, you have a better chance of getting a response, if you use the appropriate forum, in this case the Vegas Movie Studio forum.

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