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Subject: aux sends ... signal path ...
Posted by: ClipMan
Date:10/31/2015 12:46:32 PM

We know track insert FX processing follows the order in the track plugin chain. No problem. You change the order in the chain and you can clearly hear the difference. But what about the aux sends? These buses are marked FX1, FX2 and so on as they are created. In what order are they routing/processing the send/return? We looked in the Acid Pro manual but it must have been written by a digital signal processing engineer with a degree in Baffling The User sitting alone in a cubicle on Mars. So we Googled it and one site said that most DAW software emulates the hardware mixing board whereby it strictly adheres to the aux sequence of FX1, FX2 and so on. But does Acid Pro 7 follow this as well?

We have 3 aux/sends on every mix. We use separate Izotope 6 Advanced plugins on each and let me tell you, even as standalone modules, they suck resources faster than parched earth sucks water. No way can you put these babies on each track. But they sound good and that's all that counts. OK, so we got this mix and we made sure that the Reverb was on FX3, the last aux/send with the assumption that Acid Pro is emulating a hardware console and we want it to be the last process. As a test, we moved the aux buses out of order in the Acid Mixing Console to see if we could hear any difference. End result? We weren't sure. Not as clear as moving around the plugins in a plugin chain on a track insert.

The confusing part is we're sending some tracks to FX1 or FX2 or both, and all tracks are being sent to FX3 (Reverb). Maybe we're just overthinking all this. Anyway, can anybody confirm that Acid is emulating a hardware console? TIA for any input.


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Subject:RE: aux sends ... signal path ...
Reply by: pwppch
Date:11/1/2015 7:46:28 AM

The original mix bus model of ACID (and Vegas Pro) were modeled after the Mackie 8 bus analog mixers.

Aux sends are in parallel. If you send a track to 3 aux sends, the pre or post signal of the track is sent to each aux send. There is no cumulative behavior of the aux send fx. Each aux send output is mixed with all other sources to the aux send destination in parallel.


Subject:RE: aux sends ... signal path ...
Reply by: ClipMan
Date:11/1/2015 10:00:51 AM

@There is no cumulative behavior

We read your reply a dozen times before it sank in. Thanks. Much appreciated!


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