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Subject:Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Posted by: Alan_G
Date:8/31/2015 7:00:11 PM

Just upgraded to Win 10, and now when launching SF Pro 11 it get as far as loading the UI (ie goes through all the Initialising/Loading items on the splash screen) then PC freezes with blue screen of death. error message is DCP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, running in compatability mode (Win 7) but still same issue. All other audio applications work fine (SpectraLayers, Vegas, Acid, Cubase) so don't think it's a driver issue. I've updated all drivers to the current versions with same result, SF is unusable on my system.

No hardware changes to my system have been made, I'm using the same setup as I did in Win 7 so am a bit stumped at the moment.

Specs are
Win 10 64 bit (Home version)
i7 8 core processor
16 gig RAM
Over 1 TB free space on primary HD
Sound card - Creative SB XFi Titanium pro with latest driver

As per above, all other audio apps are fine except SF. Any suggestions/help would be very gratefully received

Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:8/31/2015 8:17:15 PM

I take it you will have checked the likes of :
[link] ?

One possibility is a hardware driver issue somewhere. Or maybe some Runtime Library version issue causing a delay/stop and subsequent timeout.?

But not a universal problem common to SF11/Win10....


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Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Alan_G
Date:9/1/2015 2:19:58 PM


Yes, I'd already seen the MSDN topic thanks.

I'd agree with you normally about it being a driver issue, other than the fact all other audio applications work perfectly - just SF that crashes my PC. SpectraLayers Pro, Acid Pro and Vegas Pro work normally (as does Cubase, Halion, Media Player and SonicFire) and they're all using the same hardware/driver combination

Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:9/1/2015 5:48:04 PM

Maybe an issue with your particular hardware/driver and SF then. Or something else ! Peter ?


Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Kit
Date:9/1/2015 8:26:05 PM

Do you have a copy of SF10? Will that work on Windows 10? If so, any compelling reason to use SF11 over SF10. I've found no reason to do so. I kept with SF10 on my main machine but I'm still using Windows 7 and will probably switch to Linux before moving to Windows 10 (no privacy/too cloud orientated).

Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Alan_G
Date:9/5/2015 8:15:47 AM


Quick update - I raised a support request with Sony who are currently looking into the System Information file they asked for (which I sent) but as of yet still no solution to the issue.

As a work around (and so I can actually get on with doing some work) I've re-installed SF Pro 10 which works perfectly. I've made no changes to any hardware or drivers and v10 is running without any problems.

I'll update this thread if the issue is ever solved

Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Shipboard Audio
Date:9/7/2015 2:11:21 PM

something to consider, I had what I think success by running a Ninite install with the selected runtimes (NET, Shockwave).


Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: GenJerDan
Date:9/10/2015 9:23:22 PM

Me, too. EXACTLY the same problem

Windows 10 x64
SF 11
16gb ram
Oodles of hard drives with plenty of room
X-Fi Titanium

I had to double check your name to be sure I hadn't already posted this and forgot about it.

The latest latest SB driver fixed it for me...but that broke Cakewalk Sonar with a Watchdog. Plus making the machine do a checkdisk on every freaking drive automatically.

Haven't tried going back to SF 10. I guess I'll try it now. Weirdness abounds. I still got the DPC_WATCHDOG_EXCEPTION *and* it removed SF10 as it crashed as an added thing to ponder. Well, removed all the links to it, anyway. It was still in the installed programs list...I just couldn't start it.

Since all I use it these days is making MP3s, I guess I can do that in Vegas or Sonar itself.

Still, it's the principle of the thing.

EDIT: And NOW Windows 10 won't start at all. Endless automatic repair loop sometimes, or stuck at 100% after checking the C: drive. Totally hosed. THANK YOU Sony. I'm probably going to have to reinstall Win10 and all my apps. If they let depends on if they recognize that I'm just reinstalling and not playing fast and loose with multiple installations.

EDIT #2: turns out it completely trashed my system. It removed Win7's MBR, made a random disk "active", separated out the System Reserved portion of Win7's boot disk and gave it its own drive letter, locked the Win10 disk and made it unrecoverable, and generally ruined my weekend. Grrrr

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Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:9/11/2015 6:50:59 PM

Another thought - everything (Win, SF, record folder, and SF Temp file) ais on the primary HDD. SATA or EIDE HDD ? Odd things can crop up if there is a USB or Firewire drive is involved in the scheme of things.

And also yet another thought. Is the SF Temp folder totally 'clean' from any previous versions - the folder itself and references to it in the Registry. Maybe try setting a new unique SF Temp folder.


Subject:RE: Soundforge 11 freezes PC
Reply by: Alan_G
Date:9/14/2015 2:30:54 PM

Hi All

Just a quick update. Sony 'support' have once again proved to be worse than useless, skirting around direct questions with stock answers. Their 'biggest' help was to provide me with links to MS knowledgebase articles relating to the DCP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error, which. surprise surprise Sony, I'd already seen before asking for your help. The pages I was provided links for were not even particularly relevant to the issue (mostly relating to the technical preview release of Win 10). The three suggestions from the links were

1 - Remove any newly added hardware - doesn't apply to me as I haven't added any
2 - Update all software and drivers - unsurprisingly I did that before asking for support
3 - Perform a stack trace to try and pin point the offending software - really!!!! You want be perform stack traces ???????

They're saying that the issue is nothing to do with them, despite all other software (Sony and other software providers) running perfectly well. I totally understand the relationship between OS, software and drivers, I'm not an idiot thanks, but it's your software Sony that's causing my system to crash, therefore I would expect (silly I know) that you'd actually show some interest in solving the cause

I suggested that perhaps a refund of the upgrade from v10 to v11 was in order, but that was also declined. I'll be sticking to v10 which works fine, and can guarantee I wont be spending another penny on Sony software, I'll be changing all media needs to Adobe

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