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Subject:Windows 10: SF-WAVs can keep Explorer busy
Posted by: ohrwerk
Date:8/26/2015 1:53:27 PM

I just switched to Win 10 and was glad to see that my SF and Vegas still work like a charm - that's the good news. However, I stumbled across an old issue that popped up again (and that I had solved with Windows 7).

I usually work with long audio files with tons of markers and regions - for example, a 50 minute long WAV with 96 kHz / 24 Bit / Mono and about 500 markers plus 500 regions. No problem for SoundForge - but Windows' explorer can't handle this. When Windows tries to read further details from these files, the Explorer (or other programs who rely on it, for example SF's own File open dialog!) can get stuck in an endless loop, keeping the CPU busy and getting the user mad ...

Here's some further detail on the issue and a working fix for Win 7:

My problem is: This solution does not work with Windows 10 Professional ... Anyone of you pros out there who has an idea ...?

Thx & Cheers


PS: Subject should of course read "... keep Explorer busy", not "idle" ... ;)

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Subject:RE: Windows 10: SF-WAVs can keep Explorer busy
Reply by: Allegretto
Date:10/1/2015 3:02:02 PM

Are your WAV files larger than 2GB? The largest allowed is 4GB, but there are some apps that aren't properly written and thus can't properly handle any WAV files between 2 and 4 GB. In programmer-speak, they are using 32 bit signed integers when they should be using 32 bit unsigned integers to access the file data. Definitely possible there is some Explorer code that has that issue.

Have you tried using Sony 64 bit WAV (W64) audio instead? That shouldn't give the Windows Explorer such fits.

Edit: You'll need to create custom templates for 96 kHz / 24 Bit / Mono and other formats you use.

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Subject:RE: Windows 10: SF-WAVs can keep Explorer busy
Reply by: ohrwerk
Date:10/28/2015 9:28:58 AM

My WAVs are way smaller than 2 GByte, and the sound data itself isn't the problem - only the additional data chunks like markers and regions that SoundForge and Vegas can create. The problem only occurs with files that contain hundreds of markers and/or regions and started years ago with Win 7. But as you proposed, using W64-files helps - these files are not analyzed by the Windows Explorer. :)



Subject:issue still open and help still needed :-)
Reply by: AlexisMichaud
Date:3/23/2016 3:22:30 AM

Hi, I have the same problem: used the same Windows 7 fix and it went fine; tried it in Windows 10 and it does not work.
So... the issue is still open, and help still needed :-)

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