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Subject:Preset Manager
Posted by: cybercom
Date:8/20/2015 9:57:09 PM

We have about a hundred presets created over the years.
Just wondering if anyone has tried to use preset manager to move them from a PC-based (SFP 10) system to the mac version.

We are considering setting up a mac-based system, but so far the apparent lack of JKL scrubbing and ability to customize keyboard shortcuts are massive strikes against the program. Loss of all our presets might just be strike three.

TIA for any info!

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Subject:RE: Preset Manager
Reply by: pwppch
Date:8/25/2015 7:54:06 PM

Forge Mac has a keyboard short cut mapping. It is in the Preferences.

Moving presets from Windows to Mac would be limited at best. A very different data format specific to Windows was used.

Not all plugins on Windows are available on OSX. None of the DirectX plugins that are bundled would work.

The best suggetion - and it is not a good one - is to export the presets for VSTs and then load them on OSX. Not all VST will support this cross platform approach - it depends on the vendor and the plugin.

FWIW: I did discuss the J-K-L issue with my team mates on Forge Mac.


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