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Subject: SL 3.0.27 Crashes when trying to save
Posted by: VkLauer
Date:8/13/2015 10:03:46 AM

Real simple..I am using windows 10, SL3 crashes every time I try to save changes to file. Have rebooted, reloaded SL3 but to no avail. I do not have an earlier version to use and am trying to get my work done but no success. Am frustrated and cannot find a solution anywhere.


Subject:RE: SL 3.0.27 Crashes when trying to save
Reply by: divideframe
Date:8/13/2015 12:50:13 PM

-What are your system details (OS version, RAM, graphic card, audio card)
-Does it crash when you do file/new/ok, then file/save ?
-Does it crash when you run SpectraLayers as admin (right click, run as admin) and then attempt to save something ?
-Can you send me the log files located into the document\spectralayers pro logs folder to contact [at] divideframe [dot] com


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