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Subject:sound forge mac 2.5 unresolved bugs
Posted by: rndm_
Date:7/31/2015 9:53:22 AM

despite having contacted the customer service and having the issues admitted by the support team, there are still no major bug fixes one year later.

plugin loading times are excessive.
the elastique time stretch plugin glitches.
sound forge crashes more than any other audio application i have ever used.
mix paste action is sluggish.
important key commands are non-assignable (fades, etc.).
plugin automation writing is cumbersome (why does it need such an massive amount of clicks to draw a simple automation curve? where is the intelligently scaled correspondence of parameter values to screen estate?)
convert doesn’t execute file conversions correctly.
and so on..

this is rather sad, because the application itself could be so great. simple streamlined workflow. effective destructive rendering with plugin automation.

exactly what i was searching for years.

i really hope sony gets their act together and starts coding the application properly.


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