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Subject:Sound Forge Temp Files Lost?
Posted by: Dyceus
Date:7/6/2015 5:26:21 PM

I was in the middle of recording a 3 hour narration when my PC crashed. I was 2 hours into recording when it happened. When I started Sound Forge back up, I got the recovery dialog, clicked "Recover", and then absolutely nothing happened. I went to the temp files folder and saw three files: "frg002.tmp.sfk", "frgcut.tmp", and "frglog.tmp". I have had this happen before and there was something like a "frg002.tmp" in the recovery file that I could convert to a wav and then open. But that seems to be missing. I have backed up the three files I do have, but where did the other tmp file go? Do they delete to a recoverable area or am I screwed?

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Temp Files Lost?
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:7/6/2015 9:24:54 PM

I've had this happen once in a great long while. My guess is that Windows was in the process of updating the directory and allocation tables just at the moment of the crash and left the file in an unusable state. Windows probably silently removed the file reference from the directory. Fortunately for me when this has happened it was merely an edit of an existing file which was easy to redo so it hasn't hurt me and i therefore haven't bothered looking for a solution. Assuming my guess is correct, a "file undelete" utility might prove very useful, but it would have to be done as soon as possible to avoid having the file's sectors overwritten with new files.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Temp Files Lost?
Reply by: noiyswan
Date:7/11/2016 5:48:12 AM

I have the same issue with SF 9.0a build 297

I try to extract 1 track audio from CD. When I try to save it as a WAV file, SF hangs before the save dialog even appears, then I terminate the non-responding process.
I run SF again and it ask if I want to recover `unrecognized` files.
Before clicking RECOVER, I open the SFTEMP folder and I can see the 35 MB .TMP file standing right there. As soon as I click RECOVER, SF deletes the .tmp file and starts with nothing.

I repeated the same audio extraction attempt, but just to create a modification, I trimmed off 1 sec audio at the end of the file, and I was able to save the file.
Weird bug. BTW the CD has 12 tracks and this happens only with Track 1, with no CDDB info.
The other tracks has title and artist names visible in the CD Extractor except this Track 1.
I guess the bug is related with Track ID.

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