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Subject:Inexplicable DoMenu("Transport.Play") behavior
Date:6/26/2015 3:20:36 PM

This may be a windows peculiarity, but if anyone has a thought...

Pressing a button in an HTA fires a SOUNDFORGE(v11.299) script which has:
DoMenu("Transport.Play", false);

On a windows 7 desktop, this works just fine. But on a windows 8.1 surface, it breaks PLAY altogether. No SF play buttons will now make the file play! While SF doesn't need to be restarted, ALL open files must be closed/reopened to function properly again.

All other code has been stripped to isolate the problem to this command. OTHER DoMenu commands WILL WORK! If I fire the SF script from within SF's script editor or DIRECTLY from the 'tools>Scripts' menu it works fine. If I replace the DoMenu with a SendKeys(" ") ( as in SPACE), it works to start the file playing.

But on the one machine using the HTA to fire the DoMenu Transport.Play command breaks PLAY.

I've used Sendkeys to dodge the issue, but I'm sorta curious...Any ideas?

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