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Subject:.\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Posted by: AcidSucks86
Date:5/16/2012 11:46:43 PM

Word up people. I'm gonna ask you guys for some help. Because, Sony is so "helpful" and "prompt" with their support right? Anyway... I was recording some Midi in Acid Pro 7. Though it was fine 2 sec. ago, now the media is offline. Then the program crashes with this error message:
.\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
What the hell does that mean? I've preformed a clean uninstall / re install on Acid and my sister programs, plug ins, and so on. I've updated everything. I've preformed a disc error check. I've run a search with PC Tune Up for lost DLL's. No luck what so ever. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

Subject:RE: .\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:5/17/2012 8:26:18 AM

Have you tried clearing your registry editor of all sonycreativesoftware info? For more info on this visit the knowledge base about clean uninstall's for sony software.
Sorry to hear you are having a problem.
What version of operating system are you using?

Subject:RE: .\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Reply by: AcidSucks86
Date:5/17/2012 9:36:57 AM

64 Bit Windows 7. Thanks man. Glad to get a response from anyone about this crap. I use Acid Pro 7 with IK Multimedia Philharmonik, Toontrack, and Battery 3.

Subject:RE: .\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Reply by: AcidSucks86
Date:5/17/2012 9:39:13 AM

And yes. I've removed all files in reg.edit having to do with Acid. I don't know if it worked because I'm not willing to lose another 6 hrs. of work. I want a response from Sony......but you know.................not so much.

Subject:RE: .\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Reply by: 519tbarr
Date:5/17/2012 10:00:25 AM

The only other thing I can think of... And i know you will hate this answer...
Is a complete reformat of your operating system. I vaguely remember getting error messages like that in Acid Pro 6.
Recently I have had to completely reformat my computer experiencing several issues with Acid Pro 7 on Win 7 64x. Hoping a wipe would solve my problems, but unfortunately that hasn't been the case. I have had 3 inquires into Sony - various issues and only one of the issues was addressed.
Best of luck. Let us know how you make out.

Subject:RE: .\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:5/18/2012 6:12:17 PM

You using those as VSTi or stand-alone Rewired to Acid ?

I did once (A6 era ?) have an error message something like that when nothing was Rewired .


Subject:RE: .\Portable\ReWireDLL.cpp(895) : VERIFY failure
Reply by: Telefunkin
Date:6/19/2015 2:44:23 PM

Unfortunately I also have the exact same problem and same error message with Pro 7e operating on Win 7 64 bit. Did you find a solution please? Did anyone else? I'm hoping Sony come back to me on this one but based on all the comments it doesn't sound promising. I hope I'm wrong.

By the way, I'm not doing any rewiring as far as I know. I might be using some old plug ins that I shouldn't with 64 bit but I don't know what else I can be doing wrong. Does anyone else know what they did wrong (or that Pro 7e doesn't like)?

I'm really disappointed because I've been using Music Studio 8 for a while and I liked. I wanted 24 bit though for commercial work. But, it looks like I've bought in to some troubled software.


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