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Subject:Script for Sound Forge
Date:6/4/2015 11:30:08 AM

I have a daily 3 hour part time job where I have to record news stories and send them back to a producer, where time is of the essence. I do these 2 things after every story: normalize the audio and add three seconds of silence at the beginning of the file. Is it possible to make a script for that to save extra valuable seconds? If so, how? Thanks for any help on this subject.

Subject:RE: Script for Sound Forge
Reply by: Kit
Date:6/4/2015 5:45:23 PM

Yes, it is possible - which version of Sound Forge do you use? The Batch Converter in the Tools menu will do that easily for multiple files.

Subject:RE: Script for Sound Forge
Reply by: roblesinge
Date:6/8/2015 8:38:05 AM

Kit is correct. What you're describing (as you're describing it) is easy to do with the Batch Converter tool built into or alongside of most Pro versions of Sound Forge.


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