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Subject: Graphics Bugs ?
Posted by: Sonicorchestra
Date:12/19/2014 3:51:51 PM

New to Soundforge Mac, so....

A few questions: regarding loading times of plugins in the Plugin Chain. Does anyone experience long load times for AU plugins? (2-3 seconds)

Also, the graphic gui of many plugins stop functioning, it seems, if one opens more than one desktop on a mac...? Any experience with this?

I general, i am finding the finding the smoothness of the graphics in Soundforge to shall i say sloppy. The playhead disappears, the waveform moves in stuttered fashion...the list seems to go on. Now i am in no way running a scrappy mac, so i can't see how the hardware (Mac Pro, 24 gb, fast video card, RME audio interface) can be the cause of these graphic shortcomings.
I can run multiple desktops with multiple applications in the background while running Logic ProX ( a much more involved application both in depth and complexity) and yet Soundforge struggles to display the VU meters on a couple of plugins. What gives? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Subject:RE: Graphics Bugs ?
Reply by: E.I.
Date:12/31/2014 10:28:30 AM

I'm getting the same conditions on my system too ( Mac Pro, 16gb ram, 640 HD which is practically empty around 500gig free space. I'm using the Mac version 1 with all the updates. The plugins have a delay when you click on any part , and the beachball spins, then the function that you wanted moves after. There is definitely a graphics problem that SONY has to address pronto! There are quite a few users who are experiencing similar problems.
If anyone has a solution please post it. I can't work like this. SONY please, please find out what we can do or find out what's wrong with the software.

Subject:RE: Graphics Bugs ?
Reply by: Sonicorchestra
Date:1/14/2015 9:56:53 PM


I just upgraded to version 2,5 and the graphics glitches persist. When working with a 14 min file selecting a different playback position while the file is playing causes a 2 second delay before the new position begins to play. Also the playback head doesn't appear immediately once the new playback position starts...there's even a further graphic delay showing the new playback position...add another 2 seconds. This does not bode well for workflow.

So, on my setup the graphics are still very unpolished...which makes the whole experience of working with SF rather slow and clunky.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Subject:RE: Graphics Bugs ?
Reply by: Featherlight
Date:5/29/2015 2:25:36 PM

Have you resolved this issue, are you still experiencing this problem? Curious to know if you found a workaround?

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