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Subject:How to get rid of latency?
Posted by: PeterWright
Date:5/28/2015 8:45:30 PM

I have a Stenberg UR22 USB sound card, and this is set in Audio Device (ASIO) and Midi settings

I have automatically detect and offset device latency checked. ....

..... but when I try and use a keyboard (Roland PC200 MkII), the sound is heard well after I play the keys, and it is impossible to keep with the metronome..

Any way of improving this?

Subject:RE: How to get rid of latency?
Reply by: ClipMan
Date:5/29/2015 1:35:52 PM

Two things to check:

1. Project vs Recording settings (should be the same)
2. Latency buffers (start at 256 samples and reduce until you hear weird noises)


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