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Subject:music studio 10 insane problems
Posted by: newstudiosucker
Date:5/24/2015 5:57:48 PM

Ok, so...I get the funny feeling that this will be further waste of time. Can anybody help?

Got the above named product. Got it open, went through tutorials. And it's not worth shit so far. The box and every advertisement says that "I'll be creating music in minutes!" My ass. I've spent hours and hours now just trying stuff over and over and over, the same way it told me to do it. Then I try something different. Hoping some magic will pop out of my butt. It doesn't explain any of the terminology. And stuff just doesn't work. For example, I can't fade an event in and out - it says to have my pointer and hover over the left edge then it will show me an icon to drag and fade in...the opposite for fading out on the top right edge. There is no such thing. It's not doing it.

There are a hundred other glitches and areas of my ignorance that I can never explain or ask about here. So what the hell are my options? Anybody here able to help? Did I just get ripped off? Did I waste my money? I'm so sick of crap like this in the computer world.

Subject:RE: music studio 10 insane problems
Reply by: E39
Date:5/26/2015 9:45:24 PM

To fade events make sure the track isn't fully minimized. On the right hand side expand the tracks and make them larger. Then hover over the track and you will see the icon to fade in or fade out. I hope this helps. Any thing else you need help with let me know and I'll try my best. I use this software everyday and have learned a lot about it.

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