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Subject:AC3 at 256K with Movie Studio 12
Posted by: jrappl
Date:4/12/2015 9:41:25 AM

I can't seem to get any bitrate other than 192K AC3 using SMS 12 and DVD Arch 5 for a DVD burn. The SMS AC3 render is not customizable (button is greyed) and the only options are DVD Stereo and DVD Stereo AGC and they produce 192K output.

I've also tried producing the mpeg2 using the MainConcept, DVD Arch template and modifying the template to include audio at 256K. It shows up as being 256K in the rendered video/audio mpeg2 file (Mediainfo) but even with my property settings for DVD Arch at AC3 256K the resulting DVD VOB files audio is 192K.

Is there a way to get 256K AC3 audio out of SMS 12 Platinum, through DVD Arch 5.0 and into the DVD files?

The audio starts out as a high quality 1.5Mbps 16bit PCM wav file produced from a newer digital recorder.

Subject:RE: AC3 at 256K with Movie Studio 12
Reply by: Cesar_ser_4
Date:5/4/2015 9:31:38 PM

The best (and only) way to do it is by rendering out the audio from Vegas as stereo PCM, import it to DVD Arch and set the audio parameters in the project properties. In there you can set whatever bitrate you like, from 80 kbps all the way up to 448 in stereo, or 384 to 448 in 5.1 For DD. If you really want to go crazy though, you can go to File>Optimize Disc. In there you can set different bitrates to different files.

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