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Subject:Timeline sync issue
Posted by: LongLivAP7
Date:3/13/2015 8:17:25 PM

First post. Greetings. I recorded a guitar track the other day and all was fine until I opened the project the next day and said track suddenly went out of sync around 2.5 min. into the song. I zoomed in and saw a brief grayed-out area in the audio wave, with a dotted "V" inside of it. It looked like two events overlapping, but wasn't. The waveform remained intact throughout the grayed area. I ended up re-recording the part on a fresh track - all good again. Exited AP7 and reopened. Lo and behold the new track now had the same glitch in not one place but two! Fortunately, I was able to edit & comp the two tracks into something usable. Anyone else experienced this and is there a fix or something I'm missing? (Build e, Win 8.1, 8gs ram)
I found an older post below on another forum describing the exact same thing.

Subject:RE: Timeline sync issue
Reply by: VMP
Date:3/15/2015 3:44:18 PM

I did have something similar on my previous PC system.

Not since the new system.

I have had this with large projects 50+ tracks.

Deleting the tracks and putting the event on a new track resolved the issue.
I couldn't even render out the timeline wihtout doing so. The render got stuck when the render system got to the faulty event.
But I think it had to do with the compression/codec that the files had that I dragged into the timeline. CD quality Wave files shouldn't have this issue.

You could try recording a different file format.
Also check if you have other files/samples on your timeline that could be causing issues.


Subject:RE: Timeline sync issue
Reply by: Musition
Date:3/19/2015 10:58:54 AM

This happens to me too (and irritates the crap out of me as well). Usually I notice it with my bass tracks for some reason. It seems to be a Beatmapper thing. The newest Beatmapper can handle files with multiple tempos, and from my best guess, it seems like it interprets the newly recorded file as having two different tempos. That's what that grey dividing line is about.
I wish I had a solid workaround, but I'm still figuring it out myself. Usually I'll open the Beatmapper and I'll see the two different tempos. I can never simply delete the incorrect one - which is too bad. But what I'll try doing is sliding around the incorrect one until it magically changes to the correct tempo. Obviously that doesn't always work, so sometimes I'll open up Sound Forge and manually edit the beatmap data to have a downbeat offset of 0. Hope that helps.

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