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Subject:Composite view?
Posted by: Layerry
Date:3/6/2015 10:40:41 PM

Here's one for the devs. I came to SLP3 from SLP2 where I was using layers and inverse layers to get the results I was after. The main window showed the results of all of the active layers. If I chose an area, copied it to another layer, and reversed polarity of the layer, the combination would result in a black area as expected - no sound.

In SLP3, if I do this, the audible result is the same but the visual is not. Could there be a feature that would allow the behavior of SLP2 - a sort of "composite" view? Obviously, the color of the individual layers would probably have to go, but I for one would love to have it in this new version.

Subject:RE: Composite view?
Reply by: divideframe
Date:3/7/2015 5:09:50 AM

The composite view from SLP2 could not be used "as is" in SLP3 since custom colors for layers have been introduced. Solutions to get the composite view back are being explored...
Meanwhile, you can sort of see the composite by doing Edit/Select All (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A). The selection will reflect the content of all layers merged, so it is kind of a composite view.
You can do the same on specific time ranges by using the time cursor tool (next to the play button, or by clicking the bottom area of the timeline); double-click+drag or click+shift+drag will select a time range with all layers merged.

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