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Subject:SL 3 crashing when adding new layer
Posted by: Doug_Marshall
Date:3/3/2015 10:26:03 PM

I've had a crash four times now in the last two days with SL 3.0. It specifically occurs when I click to add a layer. Thoughts? (besides saving after every edit?) I tried rebooting my machine. It had been on for a few weeks without a reboot. The problem occurred again almost immediately.

Until I have some sort of answer to this I'm going back to using SL 2.

In the feedback department, I really miss being able to right click in the layers window to add a new layer in SL 3. Please bring that back! Perhaps the updating of the program took away more functionality than was necessary?

I've also asked for a simple key command in the past to reposition the cursor to the beginning of the file. In Vegas and Sound Forge you can use the "W" key for that. It would be nice to bring that into this program for consistency.

Subject:RE: SL 3 crashing when adding new layer
Reply by: divideframe
Date:3/4/2015 10:04:04 AM

Regarding the cursor shortcut, you can either use ctrl+left (move to previous), home (move to start of layer), or ctrl+home (more to start of project).
See Help/Shortcuts and type "Transport" to see all transport related shortcuts.
You can also reassign shortcuts by going to Options/Preferences/Keyboard.

Indeed there's no right-click/add new layer, there's a shortcut right below though (bottom of the layer list).

I'm emailing you regarding the other issues.

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