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Subject:Scroll bars in version 3???
Posted by: Doug_Marshall
Date:3/1/2015 8:11:31 PM

I'm starting the effort to navigate the new version and see there are no horizontal or vertical scroll bars as there used to be. How on earth do I scroll around on frequencies or time without 'em?

Subject:RE: Scroll bars in version 3???
Reply by: divideframe
Date:3/2/2015 4:49:22 AM

-The overview bar on top allows you to navigate quickly through the project (it works like a scrollbar).
-You can also drag the timeline (below the overview bar) to move precisely through time. Use mouse wheel to zoom.
-The frequency scale on the right allows you to move up/down. Use mouse wheel to zoom. Note that the bottom is locked to 0Hz by default (you can uncheck that by right-clicking the frequency scale, or going to Options/Preferences/Display to set the default value).

Note that you can also press the middle button of the mouse to navigate directly, without using any of the 3 controls described above.

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Subject:RE: Scroll bars in version 3???
Reply by: Doug_Marshall
Date:3/2/2015 7:59:23 PM

Thank you. Very important bits of information!

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