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Subject:Skipping through file during preview
Posted by: MaleXLR
Date:2/23/2015 2:05:42 AM

Hi y'all...

This is a request that I have asked Sony Support about and amidst the deferral and denial I have had no satisfactory answer.

While auditioning an effect in SF9 (particularly noise reduction and maximizing), during "preview" I would select all data, but could skip to suspected, troublesome parts of the file by clicking on the "Marker Bar". Now when I click on (or near) the marker bar, either nothing happens or the preview restarts from the beginning of the file.

I know that I can re-highlight a section of the file without leaving the FX, but the above method was so much quicker and easier.

Occasionally I would have a whole albums worth of material on one file that I wanted to add a process to and could skip through parts of the album that could possibly be adversely affected.

I know, I know, not very accurate or purist, but sometimes a budget dictates trying to find the shortest possible route!

Sony seem unable to answer the question, but do any users know if this is a function that has been ditched for some odd reason?

Subject:RE: Skipping through file during preview
Reply by: rraud
Date:2/23/2015 10:27:48 AM

I'm think there's a setting you've overlooked. Try "Seek cursor on playback" under the "Options" menu... I recall, or in "Preferences" Sorry I don't SF available at the moment.

Subject:RE: Skipping through file during preview
Reply by: MaleXLR
Date:2/26/2015 5:48:05 AM

Thanks rraud.

No, that doesn't help - I always have that setting enabled, but interestingly it does change the behaviour of what I detailed above - which leads me to further believe that this is yet another thing that they have broken.

In "Preview", with "Seek Cursor" disabled the cursor will actually go to the position that I click. With "Seek Cursor" enabled SF ignores the position that I clicked and plays from the beginning of the selection.

If Sony were actually interested, I think that your suggestion helps further diagnose the problem thanks.

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