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Subject:Invalid Function - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: ctbarker32
Date:2/21/2015 12:34:46 PM

I was editing a bog standard WAV file 24b/96k in Sound Forge 11 latest build and when I try to do anything related to save I get an error box that says:

Error. This page has performed and invalid function. Error loading "save".


Sound Forge 11 has been a disaster from the beginning. I've been using your products forever! I'm tired of paying for this crap and never getting Sony to respond with any haste or urgency.

Fix this software or I am gone forever! Or, give me refund.

I'm fed up!

Update: So apparently I still need to run in admin mode? Is this the way it will be forever?


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Subject:RE: Invalid Function - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply by: MaleXLR
Date:2/23/2015 1:52:59 AM

What they don't seem to understand is that at the end of a project many of us rely on SF for the final product that we give to our Clients...

We have deadlines!

Without a finished product we can't invoice our Clients;

We are relying on SF for our livelihood (not on a salary from Sony);

...and if we make a mistake (or have a bug) with our work, we fix it without charging the Client!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for some answers since the end of last year!

Imagine how my best Clients would feel if I just ignored them for two months - or at least just fobbed them off with information unhelpful to their finished project.

One of my serious questions was to ask about the procedure of obtaining a refund... and that has been totally ignored. When I rang (from New Zealand) to speak to someone in the sales department, I got the same person that has been receiving my support requests!

...and when I got up in the early hours of the morning to try the online chat option, guess who I got!?! Yep!

If Sony is being run by one boy, he needs either a hefty pay rise or a significant increase in staff!

Subject:RE: Invalid Function - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:2/23/2015 9:47:16 AM

Hi CB,

With respect to your error message during save, please reach out to our customer support group. They will be able to gather the details needed for us to repro and investigate the bug.

As for the admin mode issue, it's something we are painfully aware of and are actively looking into it. We did issue an update in January (Build 299) that fixed it for a number of people so make sure you are up to date. I'm hopeful that we can find and fix the remaining scenario that is causing trouble for some users.


Subject:RE: Invalid Function - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply by: MaleXLR
Date:2/26/2015 6:05:29 AM


If you have seen some of my posts, you will know that I am one of many who have outstanding support requests.

I am seriously at the end of my tether as some of these are obvious bugs. If they prove to be I am not seriously expecting that Sony pull out all the stops to fix them, but some form of acknowledgement would be gratifying so that I have the belief that they will be addressed.

All my support requests have been strangely bundled under one incident number, but only one seems to be being dealt with while the rest lie dormant.

The most frustrating thing is that I am on a cycle of being asked the same questions and giving the same detailed answers that I have already given.

Under such circumstances it is difficult not to become cynical and sarcastic and each post on this forum belies the underlying profanities that I am uttering and frustration that I am feeling.

If there is any way that you are able to communicate with me I am very keen to explore alternative channels of communication as I believe that "Travis G" is not working with my best interests in mind.

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