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Subject:The SF11 Plugin Chainer Window
Posted by: Angels
Date:2/20/2015 12:22:56 PM

I've been trying to get used to the new Plugin Chainer workflow to see if it has any merit. So far it feels more "different" than "better".

- Saving to apply a chain: this is an odd change for me. In principle, you can A/B a file against the chain's effect by bypassing, but it's more complicated to compare the chain's effect to another version of the chain. In the old workflow, I would create a chain, apply it, make a copy of this version (drag and create), undo the original and experiment with other tweaks to the chain, and repeat this process to have a number of files to compare to one another without ever having to manage the creation of files on disk. Now I have to either create a file every time I want to do this, replicate the chain on a copy of the file, or use the FX Favories "Apply Plugin Chain..." which doesn't automatically inherit the currently active file's plugin chain settings. Drag and create doesn't apply the chain; maybe now it should. I can't really see why this was changed and it seems to have made some things more complicated, QED.

- Plugins open in their own windows instead of the chainer's. Actually, I figure this is one of the main reasons the plugin chainer was revised. There are so many variations in GUI sizes today, including some very big ones for HD screens, that it must of become difficult if not impossible to manage the GUIs within the chainer window. I can understand this particular necessity.

- Not sure why the Open Plugin Chainer shortcut button has been removed from the file window footer. I found it convenient there and I'd personally like it back. AND, now I think it would be really convenient to have a Chainer Bypass button there too: since the Chain is automatically applied on Save unless bypassed it seems essential to know if the Chainer is on or not, and that little icon on the chainer window is the only thing (other than your ears) that tells you the file is being processed by the chainer. It seems a lot more important to me than Arm or Record. IMO there could even be something in the window header that tells you whether the chain is on or off.

So overall, I find this a sidestep. I can understand the GUI issue but the rest seems almost like either ill-considered arbitrary changes, or changes implemented for priorities I don't understand.

Curious to know what other people think.

Subject:RE: The SF11 Plugin Chainer Window
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:2/23/2015 12:09:13 AM

Popular concenus seems to be that it is a step away from the intuitive staright-forward and elegant UI that we are used to. Not just 'nostalgia' for the old.


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Subject:RE: The SF11 Plugin Chainer Window
Reply by: MaleXLR
Date:2/23/2015 1:41:47 AM

Absolutely... I hate the new method.

Like with many aspects of SF11 versus SF9 it is a backward step in workflow!

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