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Subject:iZotope Plug-ins not useable?
Posted by: kawoom
Date:2/15/2015 5:01:24 AM

I have a recently purchased SF 2.5 for Mac and try to down sample to 41kHz and decimate stereo files to 16bit using the iZotope plug-ins. It never works saying that "the plug-in does not support the number of channels requested" and also "Not connected". I activated the iZotope plug-ins when registering SF a few days ago.

Please help to make me not repent having bought this piece of software. Thanks!

Subject:RE: iZotope Plug-ins not useable?
Reply by: kawoom
Date:2/15/2015 5:17:52 AM

OK, OK: You should write in your manual that the plug-ins only work after having saved the file WITH SF.

The plugins now work. Finally. Thanks for this good software.

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