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Subject:Still can't get used to this SF11
Posted by: Frank Z
Date:2/8/2015 10:31:16 PM

I'm trying so hard to like it but SF10 has much better workflow. I just found a new annoyance. In SF10 if you select an area and press space bar, it plays from the start of the selection. In SF11, it plays starting from the END of the selection (unless you are in loop mode).

I keep finding stuff like this with SF11... What ever happened to not fixing what ain't broke?

Subject:RE: Still can't get used to this SF11
Reply by: Dexcon
Date:2/8/2015 10:55:22 PM

I was able to recreate in SF11 the action that you are getting in SF11 by checking 'Spacebar and F12 Play/Pause instead of Play/Stop' under the Options/General tabs.

Unchecking the same 'Spacebar etc' checkbox should give you the action that you liked in SF10.

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