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Subject:Packaged Chains That Won't Delete
Posted by: Dave W
Date:1/2/2015 1:02:29 PM

I have 4 old packaged chains that I once created that won't fully delete. The names of them stayed, but they are dead links. If I click on them, they will not load, but if I try to delete them, they won't. I have completely removed Sound Forge Pro 10 including all hidden files and folders that I can find, but when I reinstall program these 4 preset chains appear again. I have also tried removing the Preset Manager program at the same time I removed Sound Forge and that did not work. If I look directly into the "Preset M" file, I can see all the preset chains that work fine, but the four troublesome ones are not there. Sound Forge must be finding these things in some dead folder somewhere. Any ideas where it is???

Subject:RE: Packaged Chains That Won't Delete
Reply by: rraud
Date:1/3/2015 5:32:39 PM

Have you looked in your 'Applications Data\Sony' folders? (disable hidden files)
If not in there, you can delete them (at your own risk) via the Registry (run: regedit)
It's highly recommended to copy the registry prior to making any changes... in case something goes wrong.

Subject:RE: Packaged Chains That Won't Delete
Reply by: Dave W
Date:2/8/2015 5:48:21 PM

Yes... I checked there as well and found nothing. This is really weird! I will check the registry, but I will only explore as I have a fear of making any bad moves. I searched the computer for sfg files and nothing more than the 24 preset chains that work fine.

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