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Subject:Click elimination
Posted by: Jack S
Date:1/31/2015 10:16:26 AM

I've just started using Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 in earnest after purchasing Movie Studio Platinum Suite 13 some time ago. I've been searching out tutorials on Youtube that show how to eliminate clicks and pops from recordings. One tutorial showed how to use the 'Find' function to quickly locate spikes and deal with them quickly. My version of Sound Forge doesn't seem to have this function so, apart from using the 'Audio Restoration' tool (which, from my limited knowledge of how to use it, is not very impressive), I have to resort to the 'Pencil' tool to eliminate the spike (again, I'm not impressed - my hand is too shaky). The tutorial with the 'Find' function showed it being used to repair glitches in Sound Forge 8. Do I assume that the PRO version only has this facility?
Thanks in advance for any input.

Subject:RE: Click elimination
Reply by: MaleXLR
Date:1/31/2015 10:08:50 PM

I have just upgraded (although I am not so sure about the "up" part) to SF11 and have found the iZotope Declicker that came with it to be very useful. It does have a problem though in that sometimes you can't do an effective preview in real-time.

I have been in touch with iZotope and they say that the problem is with SF. Sony support are ignoring the fact that there might be a problem - along with the other six major issues that I have been waiting for answers to for weeks!

Previously I had reasonable success with an old Steinberg Declicker plugin, but my preference is always to locate the click and either take the volume down sufficiently that it is no longer a problem, use the Sony Smooth/Enhance to smooth it off (which probably only gives a 30% success rate), or if possible just cut those few milliseconds from the recording completely if it doesn't impact on the source material or have timing repercussions with other tracks recorded at the same time...

With any of these methods, without being careful about zero crossings there is the possibility of creating more problems than you sole!

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