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Subject:SL3 First Demo ( Police Siren )
Posted by: UKharrie
Date:1/20/2015 8:12:27 PM

Very competent demo and it sure fixed a varying freq siren...We were shown how to add some gain ( a few dB he said ) to the Master copy, so as to preserve the sense of the scene . . . but I didn't see how these dB were achieved...I saw a slider being moved but there was no dB number . . . perhaps that was off the screen since I could not see any RH frame edge . . .
Just as the Siren has a fundamental freq-line showing, I wonder that SL3 shouldn't have the option to display the Output Vol, with respect to time....for sure this should not be present as the screen is . . . but we've come to love volume displays during Non-linear Edits in Vegas and Sound Forge - and very helpful they are to maintain correct levels on BlueRays and DVD, etc. (( Incidently, in Europe there are Regulation about sound-levels, on broadcasts mainly but will apply to Discs used )). I don't recall any Guidance within Movie-Studio, or Sound Forge . . . does Sony ( or USA ), adopt similar rules for Levels. . . . ( Broadcasting is World-wide )

Last feature..., it would be useful if "Vol" lines( in complementary colours to the layer), couldn't allow both the Master and Selected/Inverted layers to be adjusted ( Sometimes called "Rubber-Banding" but representing VOL in Vegas+ Movie Studio. Since it really shouldn't be present, then perhaps a series of dashes ( o-o-o-), to make it clear it's not part of the Audio.
In the Siren-Demo I'd have altered the Inverted layer, using such a Rubber-Band, since the Reporter's voice was pretty much evens.
( -OR- Maybe the Demo just didn't have time to show all features?).

Finally, It struck me I was watching a Mac-version being demonstrated . . . Is the Win-version substantially the same? . . . . I expect so, but it would be nice to have been told... Oh and the Tool Icons should be larger, sorry, -Not everyone has 40 inch monitors.....A dedicated Keystroke could make those Tools pop-out / retract and could be repositioned using the mouse in the usual way, as sometimes it will obscure important detail....
I think this SLv3 is a Winner for Sony.... Well done!

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Subject:RE: SL3 First Demo ( Police Siren )
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:1/21/2015 2:01:38 PM

> I saw a slider being moved but there was no dB number . . .
Windows version: Indeed the slider has a small numerical display to the right; you can drag the slider or enter exact increments via that display to 0.1dB accuracy.
Additional to volume control for each Layer there is a Master Volume at top of display, this can be changed in 1dB increments.

Why not download the free trail and see for yourself!

Subject:RE: SL3 First Demo ( Police Siren )
Reply by: UKharrie
Date:2/17/2015 7:39:20 AM

ChristoC - Re Trial download.
Yes! Good idea in most cases - but need a PC-update as I understand it's 64-bit. Also, whilst 30-days may seem generous, I'm likely to have free-time only a day or two each week.
I'm sure it's very good, yet still hope my suggestions might hit the spot for the next version, making it easy ( =More useful ) for those with infrequent needs.

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