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Subject:SF 11 forgets VST plugin settings
Posted by: MaleXLR
Date:1/11/2015 6:20:05 PM

I am having a love- hate relationship with my upgrade, sorry, downgrade from SF 9 to SF 11 and cannot see any advantages with the new version!

I would also have a hate-hate relationship with Sony "support" if they would bother to respond!

With SF built in effects you can change the settings, apply them and when you go back to apply the same effect to another part of the wave file, the settings are remembered.

With VST FX this was the case in SF 9, but with SF 11, each time I go back to the plugin it has done a full reset.

Is this by design (surely not)? Is it a bug? ...or is there an obvious setting somewhere that I am missing?

I realise that I can save the presets, but when you are whizzing around making changes it adds extra time and clutters up the workflow.

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