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Subject:How do you speed up audio tracks
Posted by: Averett
Date:1/4/2015 12:45:28 PM

My apologies if I'm asking a question that has already been posed previously and I'm just having trouble locating the information. I'm trying to increase the play speed for an existing music track and save the track with the speed up vocals. What I'm finding is that I can increase the "playback speed" but I cannot actually save the track with the change.

Can anyone please advise me further. Thank you in advance for your feedback and assistance.

Subject:RE: How do you speed up audio tracks
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:1/4/2015 2:50:35 PM

If you're using the little yellow triangle rate thing to adjust the speed this is for preview only and has no other effect.

There are lots of speed change options available. Effects / Pitch / Bend is probably one of the most straight forward. One of my favorites is to double-click the sample rate value at the bottom of the screen, change that to a new number, then resample the file back to the original sample rate. If you have it installed Elastique can also do this.

Do you want to preserve the same pitch while changing the speed? Or do you want the pitch to go up with the speed just like a tape recorder would when sped up?

Subject:RE: How do you speed up audio tracks
Reply by: Shipboard Audio
Date:1/8/2015 9:29:04 PM

Use the Timestretch option. ENter the before and after BPM of the track, you should know that. That will make any tempo changes match up with the rest of your project/grid.

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