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Subject:Enumeration for keys
Posted by: CharlesK
Date:12/16/2014 8:51:24 PM

I'm not certain if my terminology is correct, but here's what I can gather about enumerations:

In the SDK help file is a list of Enumerations: ACIDLoopType, CloseOptions, etc.

One of the enumerations is DataWndScrollTo. Some of the members of this enumeration are: NoMove, NearsetEdge, etc.

This post is not about DataWndScrollTo, CloseOptions, ACIDLoopType, etc.

I am trying to find the enumeration name for forwarding keys. Here's all the SDK help file has to say:

public interface ISfDataWnd

ForwardKey(Keys eKey)

Process a keystroke as if the user had typed it.

I looked in the Excel spreadsheet DoMenuCommands.cls that comes with the SDK files. There are a lot of members here: IDS_DEFKEYBIND_TRANSPORTPLAY, IDS_DEFKEYBIND_VIEWRESTORECELL3 , etc. Most (but not all) have a matching parameter for IScriptableApp.DoMenu(). None of these enumeration members are in the help file, and I do not find the name of the enumeration in the help file that will let me use these members in the ForwardKey() function.

A very simple example would be:


What is the correct Enumeration Name for using the members found in the spreadsheet?

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