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Subject:RE: What Causes this
Posted by: PixelStuff
Date:11/26/2014 9:14:04 AM

"Message Deleted by User."

Most often this sort of thing is a result of posting before you think ... and then realizing what you did.

Subject:RE: What Causes this
Reply by: dxdy
Date:11/26/2014 10:08:51 AM

Back when I was running programming shops, I always asked programmers who were stuck on something to sit down with me and talk through the issue. Generally, they would get half way through a description of their issue and suddenly say "Oh gee, there it is!" Thanking me for my insights (I hadn't said a word), they would rush off to fix the problem.

I think that happens some here, too.

Subject:RE: What Causes this
Reply by: TeeTime
Date:11/26/2014 10:47:07 AM

>I think that happens some here, too.

So do I. Any number of times here in the forum I have been 10 minutes into crafting the best way to clearly describe a Vegas-related problem I am having when the act of clearly describing it brings me to the solution.

Kind of related to that, years ago when I worked as a technician for 3M I attended their excellent school for troubleshooting their high-speed photocopier. They had about 20 copiers in a room, each rigged with some problem. Before they would allow us to use a meter or even open the back panel, we had to make a list of everything we could observe about the operation of that particular copier. Coupled with that list and the electrical schematic we were usually able to correctly diagnose the problem without ever using the meter. Before that class, the first thing most of us did was start poking around the circuit board with a meter. It was a great lesson I still try to use today.

About this time, OP is saying W*T*F.


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