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Subject:"Extremely Limited Open GL 2.0 Support" error
Posted by: Doug_Marshall
Date:8/26/2014 1:31:27 PM

Hi All,

I just got a hand-me-down machine from our software developer (ASUS MOBO, 8-core AMD, 16gigs RAM - all the info I have at this moment). It's *much* faster than what I was using...except for SpectraLayers: appox. 20 secs. between mouse click and onscreen response.

When I start the software I see a dialog box saying, "Extremely Limited Open GL 2.0 Support." I assume this is a graphics card incompatibility? Or settings? The card is an NVidia GeForce 7600 GS.

Any suggestions as to what to try and/or what to buy will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, guys!


Nevermind, got another old card that works fine. No more error and performance is nice and crisp.

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