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Subject:re: Registration
Posted by: mark369
Date:7/15/2014 1:47:43 PM

Spectral Layers (2.1.32) was working on Win 8.0, but I upgraded to 8.1 when I got the offer (ultimatum?). Afterwards first SF11.0 then Spectral Layers became disabled. I got help from tech support and re-installed with admin privileges turned on, but now I can't register it when prompted. Of course this all started when I upgraded to Spectral Layers Pro 2.0 and it wouldn't run on my old laptop because of a video problem or conflict. New computer, new problems. I haven't had much "up" time with this application yet. Anyone know if this is specific to Windows 8.1?

Subject:RE: re: Registration
Reply by: Doug_Marshall
Date:7/22/2014 9:02:56 PM

Uh oh, I just got an 8.1 laptop...looks like I might be having some fun things to look forward to, too! If anybody's got tips to share, please do! :)

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