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Subject:copy an paste not working
Posted by: guix
Date:7/20/2014 10:07:56 AM

I try to copy a part of a layer and paste it on a different place of another layer but iIT DOES NOT WORK!
I am mean... such a simple thing!

Subject:RE: copy an paste not working
Reply by: Doug_Marshall
Date:7/22/2014 9:34:32 PM

Be very careful, when copying, to be sure that the layer you're copying from is selected (highlighted in red) over in the layers window before you make the data selection and hit Ctrl-C. Then, make sure the recipient layer is similarly highlighted before you hit Ctrl-V to paste. Unlike most programs, your highlighted area will not be copied into the buffer if you don't also highlight the layer you're copying from (and, likewise, the layer you're copying to, in the next step). This seems a bit obtuse, but it is understandable given the multi-layer environment of the program. Once you get used to the flow of it, it really should work fine. You will know when you have successfully copied into the buffer and/or pasted because the color of your selected area will change with each step.

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