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Subject:Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Posted by: HumGuy1
Date:4/24/2014 4:12:59 PM

I've used Sound Forge for years and found it to be very stable...on XP. When I moved to Win7 everything changed. The program would freeze when I tried to perform various tasks, but in particular mix tracks or normalize. This started with SF10, so I upgraded to SF11 with no difference. I've tried both versions on different computers, one running Win7 Pro, the other Win7 Ultimate. Each machine is an i7 runinng # 3.4khz with 24 gigs of ram.
When SF freezes, the mouse continues to work, but no function in SF will operate. I'm forced to open Windows Task Manager and kill the program (Task Manager show SF "Not Responding"). I've tried running the program as Administrator. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing works. I hate to give up this App because I'm fast with it.
Do any of you have any idea how I can resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance,

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: Kit
Date:4/24/2014 7:38:45 PM

Your stats are similar to mine except you have more ram. I've not seen any problems like that with SF10 on Windows 7 64 bit. I'd suggest looking at using ccleaner to clear out temp files etc, and see if any drivers are out of date. Perhaps consider using a different video card driver or a different mosue? Just shots in the dark.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:4/24/2014 10:06:47 PM

Sorry no help other that update video and audio drivers. Or maybe memory corruption due to PSU limitation ? Or is there some software the same on each machine that is clashing with SF ?

I have SF10 and 11 on similar spec machines (slower and less RAM) and W7/64Ult, and no problems, so it is something specific to your setups ...

Out of curiosity, how do you, or what do you mean by "mix tracks" with SF ?!!!


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Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: Andy2014
Date:4/24/2014 11:00:52 PM

How long have you waited when SF goes to "not responding"? I mean maybe SF is doing the job, but windows just whines as usual - if you are working with some very big files, I think that could happen.
Is the HDD doing anything when "not responding" appears?

Yea.. I got nothing else atm, sounds so weird, if it was 1 machine I'd say it's HDD read/write error

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: rraud
Date:4/25/2014 9:57:34 AM

Exit any programs that are running in the background, including any anti- virus/malware, ect., if that makes a difference, finding the offender is easier.
If not, uninstall with a third-party uninstaller like Revo and reinstall.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: ChristoC
Date:4/25/2014 1:57:26 PM

No problems here with SF10 or 11, Win7_64.
Have you turned OFF all Power Saving settings in the PC?
Are you by chance using a large (greater than 2TB) external USB drive for your work files?

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Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: HumGuy1
Date:4/26/2014 8:35:58 AM

Thank You to all of you who've responded so far. I will try the suggestions offered and post the results. I can wait up to 5 minutes of 'no action' before opening the Task Manager . I've reached a point where there seems no point in 'waiting'. Once SF freezes, I jump to the Task Manager. TM will see that SF is running, and have the "not responding" note beside it.

By "mix tracks", I should have said "mix files" (i.e. select all or a portion of one audio clip and drag it onto another clip and "mix".

All Drivers are up to date.

Most of my files are around 10Mb per file. I use Sound Forge primarily to mix radio commercials. All of my files are copied to an internal hard drive before editing.

Are any of you running the Adobe Production Suite? That is a common point between both systems. The other possibility is a Black Magic Design Intensity Pro card which I use for monitoring both Video output and audio output. I've t switched SF to "windows sound mapper", but still run into the problem.

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Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: Nils G
Date:6/27/2014 10:11:57 AM

I've developed the same problem, of the Normalize command freezing Sound Forge Pro 11.0. But I've learned how to work-around the problem. After uninstalling and re-installing numerous times, between updating every driver, running CCleaner on the registry, removing every non-essentially program from startup, I still see the program freezing (and having to run Task Manager to end program). I had been running the program successfully for months before.
The WORKAROUND is to open SF Pro and open an audio file. Try the Normalize command. Even though the program will freeze and I have to end it with Task Manager, the next time I go into SF Pro, I can run the Normalize command successfully. Of course this is a kludge solution, because the blue Normalize command box stays on the screen even though I will later exit SF Pro. Only after I reboot the PC will the blue box disappear from the screen. But I can work with SF Pro if I remember to always run the Normalize, exit the program, then go back in. I have sent a report to Tech Support, and am waiting to hear back.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: fripholm
Date:6/29/2014 11:05:14 AM

I'm having the exact same problem with SF10 and my workaround has been the same as Nils G's for ages now.

I just had to re-install my system (Win 7 Professional) because of other problems, but even with the new clean Windows installation the problem persists. All the drivers are the most recent. Before I had to re-install, I had both SF9 and SF10 installed and even SF9 suffered from this behaviour. Any hints are greatly appreciated.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: Nils G
Date:7/13/2014 6:03:48 PM

Problem solved! I submitted a report to tech support. The advice from them was to use msconfig and disable all startup items and all non-microsoft services. The normalize button problem of freezing Sound Forge went away. Then I selectively enabled the startup items, using the binary search technique of enabling half the items, testing, if not OK, disabling half of that half, etc. Finally pinned the problem to the startup item Logitech SetPoint. Saw that program was dated 5/22/2013. So downloaded newer SetPoint with 6/2/2014. This now runs OK with SF Pro 11.0. No more freezing. Note that the one tedious part of this problem solving is first disabling and then selectively enabling the startup items. I made a print-screen of all the enabled items first, so I could eventually restore those items that had been enabled before I started disabling. I then could keep track of which items to enable/disable. You have to reboot the PC everytime you make a change in the startup. Note also that for me none of the services were causing the problem. So I could enable all those in one go.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: bdg
Date:7/16/2014 11:08:46 AM

I have had similar problems with 12 on Win7 Pro 64bit - freezing. Requiring the 3-fingered salute to kill 12.
I reinstalled my old version (9) and everything is fine again. I will continue to use 9 not just because it doesn't crash but because it offers me better functionality. (see my post: "Just dropped 11 and reinstalled 9"

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: rraud
Date:7/16/2014 11:35:14 AM

There's not much one can do on SF11 that SF9 didn't do... better. The former version's record and plug-in architecture for instance was faster and easier IMO.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge 10 & 11 Freeze on Win7
Reply by: fripholm
Date:7/19/2014 4:46:51 AM

Thanks for the heads up, Nils.

It turned out, that Setpoint.exe is indeed the problem here on my system as well. But I already had the latest version of Logitech's software installed (6/2/2014). Not even a re-install could fix it. The only way is to disable Setpoint completely, which is not an option because I heavily rely on the additional features this provides for my mouse. So - back to the workaround :(

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