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Subject:Ableton Live sends to Sound Forge Midi messages
Posted by: fred07
Date:6/10/2014 1:08:25 AM

I read Scott Garrigus's book " Sound Forge 6 ". He indicates that Sound Forge can read audio files by being managed by Sonar. I tried in vain with Ableton Live 9. I chose an MIDI virtual release (MIDIYoke 1) and I settled in the Preferences of Sound Forge the parameter MIDI / SYNC to the same channel. On the other hand, I do not know how it is necessary to parametrize the window " Insert Marker/Region ". That is it necessary to choose in " Input format?
Beforehand thank you.

I found why it did not work.
Curiously, MIDI messages created in Ableton Live must be placed two octaves of the values of notes chosen in the window Edict Marker / Region (if we choose C3 in Sounds Forge, the MIDI message which made speak this audio file is C1 in Ableton Live).
My question is thus the following one: why is there such a gap?

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